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Mechanical Engineer III 2022-12-09

job description:
1. Responsible for project customer arrangement;
2. Responsible for coordinating the project time schedule, writing the project timetable, and arranging engineers to carry out the work;
3. Responsible for communicating and coordinating the project time with customers by telephone and email, and organizing engineers to make design proposals;
4. Be able to correctly understand customer needs, and convey customer design requirements or plan modification opinions to designers;
Entry Requirements:
1. College degree or above, with experience in project tracking, proficient in sorting out texts, sending and receiving emails, making phone appointments and other tasks;
2. Able to operate office software proficiently, and understand production and other post-production links;
3. Able to adapt to the work pressure of multitasking;
4. Active work, strong comprehension ability, active thinking, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
5. 1-2 years of project tracking work experience in mechanical engineering companies is preferred;